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  • How to Set Goals for 2024

    How to Set Goals for 2024

    If you're like me, then you also love setting goals at the beginning of each year. Whether it be a new year's resolution to lose weight, or saving for a house or a trip, the first day of the year always feels like the best time to do it. In this blog, I will share…

  • The Art of Complacency

    The Art of Complacency

    Life is a race. That’s the common belief of people nowadays. In the age where everything is being shared, we tend to look to our neighbours and compare the accomplishments they have done to ours.   In hopes of bridging the gap, we are inclined to believe that we too should do well, should be better,…

  • Restarting my Blog

    Restarting my Blog

    The past months have been crazy and I was honestly quite overwhelmed with all the happenings in my life. I feel like I forgot how to blog like really… writing was such an automatic habit for me before but it’s giving me a headache just writing this paragraph. Anyway, I would like to welcome you…