The Art of Complacency
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The Art of Complacency

Life is a race. That’s the common belief of people nowadays. In the age where everything is being shared, we tend to look to our neighbours and compare the accomplishments they have done to ours.  

In hopes of bridging the gap, we are inclined to believe that we too should do well, should be better, and therefore hustle, forgetting our real priorities or to even take a second and breathe.  

One thing that everyone should know about me is that I always hustle. Since moving to Canada, I have always believed that I shouldn’t waste this opportunity and run to the horizon to live a perfect life in the future. I worked multiple jobs at the same time, studied for a second degree, read and learned as much as I could, and avoided wasting any second of my day, even depriving my sleep.

I initially thought everything was going well, until I hit this wall.

The year 2020 came and began wreaking havoc. All plans were ruined, economies crashing, securities endangered, and a countless number of lives lost. Although none of my experiences was even an ounce comparable to others, it made me think.

I needed to hit the pause button.

The quarantine couldn’t be much helpful. It made me realize how much I’ve been focusing on the future without breathing in the present. It made me realize that there is time to slow down, I am not in a race. I need to give myself a chance to rest and to focus on things that would make me happy.

I needed to tell myself that it’s okay not to finish everything right now.

Complacency is usually associated with negative behavior. However, I strongly believe that having a balanced complacency and productivity is necessary to live a happier life. That we should not force our body to do everything just for the heck of finishing. Although accomplishments feel great, pausing feels relaxing, rewarding, and satisfying.

If I want to read a book, I take it one chapter at a time. If I needed to clean my room, I would start from one corner a day. Even writing this blog it took me two weeks to get my thoughts together. And that is okay.

The moment I began understanding this, I realized that I have all the time in the world. I began to feel more motivated. I started feeling that I have accomplished more and become consistent.

I haven’t seen the end of the tunnel but I have seen great improvements and am enjoying it. I sincerely hope that you try it for yourself and see what other things life has in store for you.

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