How to Set Goals for 2024
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How to Set Goals for 2024

If you're like me, then you also love setting goals at the beginning of each year. Whether it be a new year's resolution to lose weight, or saving for a house or a trip, the first day of the year always feels like the best time to do it. In this blog, I will share to you how I set my goals and how to stay motivated in pursuing them. 

One thing to note about me is that I use excel spreadsheets on every freakin situation in my life. I basically track almost everything I do there, and it for me creates a guide of things I should change or the ones I should maintain. I’d encourage you to do the same! Here is a sample template I use to track my goals:

So First off, I look back on the past year/s to see what I have to adjust. It is important that you evaluate what your achievements or shortcomings were last year and create an action plan.

As you can notice on my template, I divide these goals into 4 categories: Finance/ Career, Adventure, Personal, and Contribution. I got this from Tony RObbins’ Awaken the Giant within and really have been doing that since 2018. The benefit of this is that you can balance your time and energy on different areas of your life and then help you know which to prioritize and set intentions. 

Once you have your goals set. Go on to different tabs where you can break each goal into different milestones and create an action plan and timeline. This is very helpful especially when there's a number involved such as trying to hit a certain investment amount or even for tracking how you achieve a certain weight and when. Be sure to be realistic so you don’t set too high of an expectation that you demotivate yourself.

One you’ve projected all of these in your spreadsheet. Review and evaluate each through the SMARTER method: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely bound, Evaluate and Revise. 

Lastly, optional would be getting someone to become your accountability partner! I always believe that sharing these goals with someone who’ll support you could enhance your motivation and commitment! 

Don’t forget to also celebrate each win! Reinforce positive behavior through rewards and everything will snowball to its place.

Let me know if you like the spreadsheet I shared or if you think I should add anything in there. I hope by the end of this year we can all look back and see how far we’ve come! Comment below what’s your biggest goal for 2024! See you on the next blog, paalam 🙂

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